Q. How do You Apply Hydretain?

A. Hydretain is a concentrated solution which must be diluted before applying. It may be applied by spray or drench. The Hydretain quart bottle has a ready to use hose-end proportioner applicator which dilutes as it sprays. Just attach a garden hose, break off the safety tab, turn the knob to the “on” position and begin applying. For maximum coverage, use broad spray strokes allowing for up to a 20' swath (10 feet in either direction). After applying, water in thoroughly.

Q.  Hydretain comes out of the bottle too fast. How can I get the desired coverage?

A. The hose-end applicator’s dilution and application rates are based on water pressure and volume. If your water pressure and volume are high you will have to move more quickly to achieve the desired coverage. If you cannot move quickly enough turn down the water volume at your hose bib.

Q.  Hydretain is not coming out of the hose-end sprayer, what should I do?

A. Make sure the knob is in the “on” Position. If it is in the “on” then take off the hose-end applicator and make sure the plastic tube is attached. If not, reattach.

Q. When is the best time to apply Hydretain?

A. Hydretain can be applied anytime during a plants life cycle.  However, the best time to apply Hydretain is before hot dry weather or drought stress conditions set in.

Q. Where can you use Hydretain?

A. Hydretain is effective on all types of ornamental plants, shrubs, trees and turf grass, as well as food producing agriculture. Hydretain is beneficial for containerized and field grown plants from seed germination or propagation to transplant establishment and throughout the growing life cycle.

Q. Will Hydretain hold too much water if we get heavy rain fall?

A. Hydretain has little moisture holding capacity. Its function is soil moisture management and functions by converting otherwise unavailable soil humidity available to plant roots.

Q. Will Hydretain wash through the soil if we get heavy rainfall?

A. Hydretain may wash through the soil if heavy rainfall follows closely after application before Hydretain has time to attach to plant roots.  Hydretain is usually drawn up against roots within the first one to 2 required waterings after application.

Q. Why does Hydretain Need to be watered in right after application?

A. Hydretain needs to be watered in right after application so that it is driven down to and throughout the root zone where it can be drawn up against tiny roots. If allowed to remain on the surface or within the thatch area Hydretain will attach to organic materials i.e. plant tissue or thatch, and its migration into the root area, with subsequent waterings, will be too slow to show it full effectiveness.

Q. Is Hydretain a replacement for fertilizer?

A. No Hydretain is not a plant food ingredient and is not a replacement for fertilizer. However, Hydretain’s soil moisture management function has shown to improve neutrient uptake thereby amplifying fertilizer applications. 

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