INSULADD® is The Original Insulating Additive for house paint.
Don't settle for less-demand the best!

You have probably seen a number of "Insulating paint additives" or "ceramic additives" advertised on the internet. The sellers (they do not manufacture) of these products make claims to connections with NASA and speak of their many, many years of experience with ceramic and thermal technology however the lack of available test data for these claims is quite evident.

Most website companies or "manufacturers" of "insulating paints" and "insulating additives" cannot even clearly explain how they work. This is in most cases due to the simple fact that their products don't!

Most sellers of "ceramic technology" make great efforts to show you neat graphics of ceramic microspheres and to discuss "vacuums" and other seemingly important "facts" without actually explaining how common house paint with off the shelf ceramic microspheres could enhance the energy efficiency of a home.

The facts are that off the shelf microspheres do not provide any thermal benefits to the paint to which they have been added or to the home to which that paint has been applied!

Insuladd® is different from the "competition because it was designed at the outset as an additive that would enhance the thermal reflective properties of the paints and coatings to which it has been added. Insuladd® has been tested to prove its effectiveness and those tests are available for review on our website. (You won't see this on the others sites!)

Insuladd® adds a very high thermal reflective factor to paint as well as a very high "broad spectrum" thermal emissivity to the paint to which it has been added.

Think of Insuladd® as a mirror (invisible mirror) that reflects heat. Heat that escapes your home in winter when outside air temperatures are cold and that enters your home in the summer when outside air temperatures are hot. Thermal paints do not work in the same manner as fiberglass and foam insulation however they accomplish the same thing which is the reduction or heat loss (winter) and heat gain (summer) into your home.

Insuladd® was actually (really!) developed via the NASA technology exchange program.
(We can prove it!)

Don't use outdated 2003 technology; use INSULADD!

Insuladd® ceramic paint additive has withstood the rigors of the most extreme and demanding conditions including applications on a U.S. Navy Arctic Research Vessel, oil storage tanks in the Middle East, Metal shipping containers, factories and warehouses.

Just as Insuladd® insulating paint additive has proven to withstand the elements for commercial and military applications, Insuladd® has again and again proven to be able to save homeowners as much as 40% off their normal heating and cooling costs!

Putting Insuladd® paint additive into your next painting project is a huge advantage to saving energy and saving you money on utility costs.

The Insuladd® insulating paint additive has unique energy saving properties that reflect, resist, and dissipate heat. The hollow ceramic microspheres reflective quality affects the warming phenomenon called "Mean Radiant Temperature," where heat waves from a source such as direct sunlight cause a person to feel warmer even though the actual air temperature is no different between a shady and sunny location. It is the molecular friction within the skin caused by the sun's radiant energy waves which makes the body feel warmer.
  • Increases insulating value to all paint by making it an insulating paint.
  • It's safe and not toxic.
  • Is an insulating paint additive for roofs, walls, and ceilings.
  • A paint additive for interior and exterior use.
  • A ceramic paint additive for hot or cold climates.
  • Reduces heating and cooling demands.
  • Easily mixes with your locally available house paint to make it insulating paint.
  • Ideal for all residential and commercial painting applications.
  • Saves you money by reducing your heating and cooling demands.

Reducing heat gain by as much as 40 percent has been seen in the summer by using Insuladd® paint additive. Heat loss in the winter will drop dramatically by using this ceramic paint additive making chilly rooms become comfortable.

For paint projects in your home, Insuladd® insulating additive is available in kits containing from one to 25 pouches. Just mix one pouch of Insuladd® to one gallon of paint purchased from your neighborhood store. For those larger and commercial projects, Insuladd® ceramic paint additive is available in "Contractor Jugs" which is the appropriate size for mixing Insuladd into five gallon pails to make insulating paint out of your ordinary paint.

Insuladd® insulating paint additive has proven effective and has been evaluated in virtually every house paint normally found available in paint stores. Scientific evaluation of the paint additive by independent labs such as the Climatic Test branch of the U.S. Army and Geoscience Ltd. prove the performance and energy enhancements expected from Insuladd®.

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